Mollisia abdita Ellis 1882


Bull. Torrey Bot. Club IX(2): 19

Peziza (Mollisia) abdita ELLIS
Disc orbicular, pale, .028'-.03' (= 0,7-0,76 mm) in diameter, with a narrow, jagged, membranaceous margin, protruded when fresh through a narrow slit in the epidermis, from which it is again withdrawn and entirely disappears when dry; asci sessil, oblong-cylindrical, .0015'-.002' x .000175'-.0002' (= 38,1-50,8 x 4,45-5,1 Ám); paraphyses thickened above; sporidia biseriate, clavate-oblong, about .0004' x .0001' (= 10,16 x 2,54 Ám).
Resembles Peziza protrusa B. & C. in habit. When dry its presence is indicated only by a narrow slit in the epidermis.
On fallen petioles of Juglans regia, June.